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Marc Weaver is a Brit who spent over 15 years working as a database administrator for large investment banks in London, Sydney and New York.

Now based permanently in Miami, Marc founded databasable to concentrate on the areas of technology that he was most passionate about: cloud computing and databases. After using many of the major cloud providers out there databasable decided to focus solely on Amazon Web Services as it truly is the best in the business.

Marc is an AWS Certified Solutions Architect and is the author of the Simplilearn AWS Solutions Architect course.

Today databasable helps companies large and small migrate to the cloud to make their businesses more efficient, secure and cost effective.


Marc Weaver

Marc Weaver, Founder & CEO


Watch this short video to learn why you should move to the AWS cloud
and how databasable can help.

Solutions Architect Associate
Consulting Partner

About Amazon Web Services

AWS is the biggest and best cloud provider out there. According to Gartner report AWS has more than 10 times the computing capacity in use than the next 14 largest cloud companies combined.

The size and scale of AWS means that you get to use an incredibly rich array of IaaS and PaaS capabilities to streamline your business operations and save you money.

databasable is a member of the AWS partner network.


Jake Butt

R&D Director, Tox Path Specialists

"We had no idea how to structure our AWS setup, but databasable was able to quickly provide a sound solution to our specific needs.

databasable was always extremely responsive when we had questions or needed to change something.

Our industry demands excessive documentation for IT systems, and databasable provided more descriptions and instructions than we would have expected."

Joseph Pappalardo

CTO, California Contractor Insurance Services

"databasable migrated our critical data management system from an outdated server and onto the AWS platform. Our data management system and was going through an update during the process, which made the transfer even more difficult.

However, databasable were able to offer several solutions to each problem that arose.

Communication was constant through the process and databasable were on hand to help when deadlines were short."


Jack Leach

CEO, Dymeng Services

"databasable has been a rare pleasure to work with: we've migrated a client from a simple server to a robust AWS infrastructure and have had databasable set up a number of internal components for us as well over the past months.

databasable have always been extremely responsive, professional and quite obviously very skilled in this area of practice. Can't ask for much more than that.  It's a relief to have someone in the pocket to count on for these matters."

Andre Felder

Director of IT, OCPRHIO

"Working with databasable has been nothing short of amazing. They have unparalleled AWS knowledge and expertise and were quickly able to move our health information exchange off expensive hardware and onto a more secure, flexible and cost effective environment hosted on AWS.

They produce results quickly and are a real pleasure to work with."

Ted Doll

R&D Director, ATSG Corp

"databasable is awesome - fast, knowledgeable and worth every penny. Our tech team needed some assistance with a migration between AWS RDS and a local SQL Server 2014 instance.

The initial proposal was far and away the best write-up, their communication and attention to detail were top notch and we were exceptionally satisfied with the results."

Howard Lee

Founder, StufShop

"You don't find services like databasable nowadays. Professional, passionate, personable in the most thorough sense, with solutions truly custom-tailored to your needs.

It was absolutely delight to work with databasable to migrate our IT and analytical operations to AWS and scale 10x with a painless migration process."

Luigi Canali


"databasable were great to work with. They were able to take care of the basics we needed, as well being able to deal with all the curve balls we thew at them. An excellent resource, both as database administrators and as AWS experts.

We will continue to use databasable for our project going forward."

Craig Lojewski

CEO, C2 Computer Services

"We have been working with databasable since mid 2016 with excellent results every time. databasable knowledge, insight and advice with SQL has been right on and they have become a key part of our team.

databasable is very professional, always on time and has made themselves available to us under short notice emergency situations. We highly recommend databasable."

Ajay Prashar
Senior Systems Engineer, PMGSCC

"I would highly recommend databasable. When we engaged them, we needed proven expertise that understood every aspect of AWS—and they delivered on every level.  

Working with databasable is an absolute pleasure. They have efficiently and thoroughly addressed and collaborated with us on every stage of the our migration to AWS and are readily available whenever we needed them."

Bert E. Krista

Bert E. Krista

President & CEO, MWF Group

"databasable took the time to carefully analyze our SQL Server issues and prepared a plan of action for our DBA to improve performance. databasable helped with all aspects of our server from reviewing the configuration to checking IO latency, stored procedures and indexes.

I would strongly recommend databasable for all your SQL performance needs."

Ms. Blackwell

Maria Blackwell

Technical Manager, Infinite

"databasable were awesome to work with. They were very reliable and professional and took a great collaborative approach.

databasable knew what they were talking about and as a result got on the right track from the start.

I would recommend databasable in a heartbeat."

Teresa Descilo

Director, The Trauma Center

"Our server crashed and we had no access to our database for weeks. I was told we should "port" our database to the Cloud, but then was told that it wouldn't transfer, that it was old, yada yada.

One of my sons referred me to databasable, who not only transferred our database to the cloud, but updated it, cleaned it up and did so without a hitch and at a really reasonable price. Thank you databasable."