AWS re:Invent re:Visited

by | Dec 6, 2016 | Blog

Well that was a crazy week!

The AWS re:Invent conference held in Las Vegas last week was truly a memorable experience. Around 32,000 cloud computing professionals attended an incredible well organized event that hosted an enormous expo, two huge keynotes, hundreds of breakout and learning sessions, dozens of networking events and the biggest party I have ever been to!

AWS uses the re:Invent conference as a vehicle to announce many of their latest and greatest new services. This year was no exception as around 30 major announcements were made, which ranged from the routine: a range of new EC2 instance types.

The interesting: a suite of new Artificial Intelligence tools based heavily around Amazon Alexa.

And the ridiculous: AWS Snowmobile, a truck that allows you to transfer 100PB of data to AWS data centers. The truck was driven on to the stage as part of the keynote!

For me a number of key things jumped out from the conference.

Firstly AWS is still going after Oracle. This is nothing new, but several digs were made at Oracle during the main keynote, in particular at Larry Ellison, which drew much laughter from the audience. Oracle should be very concerned!

Secondly, AWS is diversifying in a big way. For example the Artificial Intelligence announcements were vast and Amazon is pushing it’s Alexa voice service very hard. In fact every attendee was given a free Amazon Echo Dot and there were numerous sessions held around the Alexa developer tools.

And finally, the scale of AWS. It’s huge! AWS re:Invent has grown from 4,000 to 32,000 attendees in just 4 years and promises to grow further still. During the keynote they repeated the oft quoted statistic that AWS is bigger than the next 14 competitors combined (which includes Microsoft and Google) and AWS is not going to give away this advantage anytime soon.

The full list of new announcements can be found here and over the coming weeks I plan to write a series of blog posts looking at some of these new services, starting with Amazon Lightsail. Which is a new service aimed at AWS newbies to allow you to simply and easily get a virtual server up and running in the AWS cloud.

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