5 Reasons Why Cloud Driven Innovation is the Future of IT

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Blog

The cloud is driving faster innovation in today’s society, mostly because migrating to the cloud offers businesses an easy way to access faster, more flexible, and cost-efficient resources. The cloud movement is analogous to putting a jet engine in your car. The car is now much faster, but rather than quadrupling its weight and bankrupting you every time you start it, the jet engine is making your car agiler, cheaper to run, safer, more secure, all while taking up far less room.

But what is it about the cloud that makes it such a game changer? Here are some of the more compelling reasons why the cloud is the future of IT.

1. Speed—Getting From Point A to Point B Faster

The cloud gives your business instant access to an unimaginably vast array of resources, to an extent which was previously unthinkable even for companies with large data centers at their disposal. Businesses using the cloud can take advantage of opportunities immediately, decreasing the time to market for many products. Businesses can take ideas from inception to reality much faster.

Gone are the days of dealing with IT departments for weeks on end to get the infrastructure up and running, as the cloud allows even companies with limited technological skills and resources to now launch and use formerly complicated tools and applications.

2. Agility—Getting From Point A to Point B Via a Different Route Than Expected

The cloud introduces a throwaway mentality to computing. You can launch new infrastructure in minutes and trash it just as fast. When an obstacle gets in your way or a new market opportunity appears, you can pivot with incredible speed and re-engineer your environment and applications accordingly.

You are no longer trapped with the infrastructure and software that you originally planned and purchased. With the cloud, you can just chuck in the trash can and start again.

3. Efficiency—Spending Less to Get From Point A to Point B

There aren’t many areas of life where you can spend less to get more, however the cloud lets you do just that. You will often hear cloud vendors say that customers only pay for what they use and it is completely true. You only need to pay for the services that are up and running and you can shut down entire environments when you don’t need them.

In addition, there are now many more serverless services available, like Lambda or DynamoDB, which require you to only pay for the milliseconds that they are in use. It’s analogous to paying for your car only while it’s in motion, and the rest of the time, like when it’s sitting in your garage or in a parking space, it costs nothing.

4. Security—Getting From Point A to Point B With Less Chance of Break-ins

A significant amount of the cloud is managed on your behalf like the network, infrastructure, storage, data centers, etc. This reduces the effort on your part and makes everything more secure overall. The parts of the cloud that you are responsible for, such as the data, applications, firewalls, and operating systems, have services baked in that make it easier for you to manage while preventing unauthorized access.

5. Safety—Getting From Point A to Point B With Less Chance of Crashing

The cloud allows you to build highly available applications so easily that it is almost laughable when compared to the earlier days of IT. You can build applications that automatically failover to other regions or countries when issues occur, so that end users anywhere in the world are given ridiculous levels of uptime for the applications that they use.

When you take all of the above items together, you get a good idea of why the cloud is such a breeding ground for innovation and why it is such an amazing career opportunity.


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