Don’t be that guy…

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Blog

Let me ask you a question: What would you do if the computer you are reading this blog on crashed?

After a few choice curse words you’d probably restart it and hope that it springs back to life. But what if it didn’t and it turned out to be completely broken?

Well after several more curse words you’d probably think “that it’s a huge expensive pain in the ass, but at least I had all my documents and photos backed up safely so I can easily restore them“.

However, according to a survey run as part of Backup Awareness Month, 25% of people never backup the data on their computers and another 39% of people have only backed up their data once within the last year.

So let me ask you another question: What would you do if the server that hosts your mission critical business applications and data crashed?

Obviously you’d restore from the most recent backup, which was probably taken within the last 24 hours.

Or was it?

A report of IT professionals working for companies with less than 100 people found that 62 percent of them reported a disruption to their companies due to data loss. A third of those said that their profits took a hit and 15 percent reported that employees were fired or laid-off as a result.

Last month I did some work for a client who used a web application hosted on a Windows server to manage all aspects of their day-to-day operations. The server was sat in the corner of their office and unfortunately the server did what all servers do eventually: it crashed. As a result their web application was unavailable. They were fortunate as they did have some backups, but the server was completely broken and they were advised that they needed to purchase a brand new one to get everything back up and running.

By the time I was contacted they had been without their web application for nearly five weeks. However, in less than two days I’d moved the web application and database onto a secure Amazon Web Services cloud server and the office was fully operational again. The cloud server only costs $10 a month, which is significantly lower than the $4000 quoted for a new server.

But what if their web application and database had been in the cloud already?

Well it wouldn’t have taken five weeks to get them back up and running. In fact it wouldn’t even have taken two days. Because with the cloud you can cost effectively store as many backups as you want. To restore a crashed server only takes a few mouse clicks and you will be operational again within 60 minutes or less. But most importantly you wouldn’t have to deal with unnecessary stress, annoyed staff, angry clients and lost business opportunities.

So to recap, by spending less money you can make your business more secure.

In other words, don’t be that guy!

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